Guy/girl Life GRoups

     Join us Saturday's at 1pm for guy and girl life groups at our Porter Ranch Campus. We will meet the second and last Saturday of every month starting January 28th. If you are looking for a deeper study of the word, solid community and mentorship this is for YOU! Derieck and Adrianna can't wait to meet you! 

(Come find us at the Youth Building right by the large fountain)

(We will be taking July/August and Nov/December off)


     Once a month we throw house parties! It's a fun night where we all eat dinner, play games, and gather together. Addresses are sent out by our instagram the week off. So be sure to be following us! The dates of our House Parties for 2023 are below:

January- 20

February- 24

March- 17

April- 14

May- 12

June- 30 (beach party)

July- 14 (beach party)

August- 18

September- 15

October- 20

November- OFF

December- 15th A Very Merry SYA (Porter Ranch Campus Christmas Party)


Can't join us on Saturdays? That's okay! We have so many amazing Life Groups open. To Join a Life Group! click here

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